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Ethically Evolving

While we believe that fashion can no longer be “sustainable” because of the prevalent trends and practices, we are striving to build a “conscious” brand that is researching, learning and implementing as we go. Our materials are locally sourced and all garments  are hand-made in Mumbai by a group of self employed tailors.


At TLS, we’re designing pieces that are transeasonal and help you build your capsule wardrobe beyond ever-changing trends. We want to build a community that understands and values the need for ethical conscious fashion and appreciates the effort behind a single finished garment. 

With proper care, our clothes can last for years. Most of our clothes are gentle machine wash or hand wash and don’t require dry-clean, making it easy to take care of at home. 

There is great attention to detail in every step of the process- from sourcing the correct fabric to the packaging it gets delivered in. We believe that every little effort makes a difference in the long-run.


As a conscious brand, we priorities the use of natural fibers, with the exception of TENCEL™. Our collection predominantly features cottons and linens, sourced for their sustainability, breathability and comfort.

Embracing the beauty of natural materials, such as cotton, hemp, and linen derived from plants, we celebrate their inherent qualities, including the charming wrinkles that add character to our garments.

These fabrics are biodegradable- they occur in nature and unlike synthetic fabrics, they can break down and decompose easily. Pure linen can decompose in as little as two weeks.

Synthetic fabrics may cause allergic reactions and irritate sensitive skin. This is an extremely rare occurrence with natural fabrics. The fabrics we use are breathable and help with controlling body temperature.


The most commonly available- Azo dyes are a commercially popular colourant for textiles. They can be used at low temperatures and achieve more vivid depths of colour. But some are listed as carcinogens, and under certain conditions, the particles of these dyes can cleave (producing potentially dangerous substances known as aromatic amines). Upon contact with the skin, these can be harmful to humans and pollute water systems. After extensive research, we have embraced the innovation of AZO-FREE DYES. 


Azo-free dyes represent a more recent development in the textile industry, aiming to address the limitations of natural dyes while maintaining environmental sustainability. These dyes are synthetic and produced using alternative chemical processes that avoid the use of azo compounds. There are no harmful chemicals released into the environment during the production process, and the water used can even be repurposed since it is not polluted with chemicals as is the case with other dyes. It is currently a more expensive process than regular synthetic dyes and the colours may not be as vibrant using this method. After careful consideration we decided that it is a small price to pay to avoid the harmful effects on not only the environment but also for the safety of our bodies.


Nearly half our collection is in whites. Not only is it a colour that's calming, but also eliminates the dyeing process completely. You can never go wrong with white!


“Thoughtfully packaged with minimal eco-friendly shipping supplies”

We teamed up with the passionate team at Ghoom ( to minimise the wastage and impact of our packaging materials on the environment. 

Our expandable mailers come with two adhesive strips. Please re-use them in case of any returns or for other purposes. Our Business cards double up as an aesthetic book-mark. 

The business cards, price tags, tissue paper and envelopes are all made out of unbleached kraft paper, eliminating the use of toxic chemicals required for the bleaching process and of extra energy & resources.

We are extremely thankful for every order we receive, but we decided to eliminate the usual thank you cards since they end up in dustbins and replace it with a thank-you sticker that is also functional. Our shipping packaging is free of plastic except in the monsoon season. We are working with Ghoom to figure out a more eco-friendly solution for the same.

P.S. larger pieces of packaging recycle more easily - try to open all your packages in one piece.

We are still working on how to completely eliminate single-use plastic in our supply chain and warehouses.

If you have any ideas, we would love to hear them! Please e-mail us at with the subject “EVOLVE”.